The attention of the world when it comes to the gambling industry is shifting towards the Great East. As the glamour of Las Vegas mbs casino continues to fade, Macau is now hailed as the gambling capital of the world with total revenue of 40 billion US dollars in 2013. 

The gambling market of Asia is deemed as the leading region when it comes to the gambling economy. This growth in gambling revenue is associated with the fact that many countries in Asia have the largest population in the world, including China and India. 

Even though the gambling industry continues to progress in the region, not all nations in Asia recognizes the legality of gambling activities. In some Asian countries with Muslims as the dominant religion strictly prohibits all kinds of gambling. In some countries, on the other hand, there are vague regulations about some gambling activities and most of them are strictly regulated for the time being.



China has many methods of gambling including sports betting, lottery, and slot machines. Some games such as mahjong, poker, and casino games are forbidden in China while sports betting is controlled by a monopoly called the Chinese Sports Lottery. 

Online gambling is strictly illegal in China, promoters, operators, and agents are tracked down by the authorities for the violation. Chinese gamblers mostly prefer to travel to Macau where gambling is legal while singapore online casino are not regulated. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong allows certain forms of gambling but they are controlled by a Hong Kong Jockey club which is sponsored by the government, for football matches, horse races, and lottery.

Mahjong is not prohibited in Hong Kong and the legality of poker is still debated and mostly being operated in the underground scene. Any other type of gambling is illegal and is punishable by law.


In Taiwan, there are stricter laws in gambling and mostly state-run sports betting clubs are allowed. Like other neighboring countries, they prefer to gamble in international gambling sites like wclub888 with Mandarin as their language.


Macau is a special administrative region of China, with a separate law and government. Macau is the gambling hub in Asia where all types of gambling like casino games, sports betting, and lottery are allowed. 

Macau surpassed Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world with gross revenue of 40 billion USD in the year 2013. Macau remains the leading gambling hub and most gamblers in Asia travel to Macau to play wherein their country gambling is prohibited.


The Philippines is another Asian country where gambling is legal and tourists can enjoy gambling activities in resorts like Solaire Resorts and Casino, City of Dreams, and Okada Manila.

Two governing bodies license and operate the gambling establishments in the country. PAGCOR or Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation oversee all types of gambling including bingo, lottery, sports betting, land-based, and online casinos. The Cagayan Freeport is another gambling operator that is not under the PAGCOR monopoly. 


Singapore officially banned all types of gambling and the government is pursuing and blocked all offshore gambling sites. The Remote Gambling Act made possible some types of gambling but under the radar, but wclub is the exception because we are a reputable site.


In Thailand, gambling activities are regulated by multiple laws although most of them are illegal, Thai people still love gambling. Lottery and horse racing are the only two gambling activities that are legal in the country. To compensate for this, Thai gamblers are allowed to travel to Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar for land-based casinos, and for online gamblers they can sign up on Philippines licensed online casino sites.

As for the rest of the Asian countries with Muslim-dominated populations, gambling is strictly prohibited and there are consequences under Sharia law for violators.