Blackjack is one of the popular table card games in the wclub online casino and it is fun and thrilling to play. You can play this game along with the dealer and the other players as well in the casino.

However, this game is not as simple as the other games in the casino like slots and roulette. This game requires some skills and basic strategies to win this game. There are also some advanced skills that you can learn to gain an upper hand against the house.

In this informative piece, we will discuss some of the tips that you can apply to blackjack gaming that will boost your confidence and help you win. 


Study the basics

As with any type of endeavor, it is better to study first the basics of the game that you are playing. Before you head to the casino, make sure you are equipped with at least some basic knowledge regarding the mechanics of the game that will be played, which is in this case, blackjack.

Organize your bankroll

Managing your bankroll will keep your financial life on track. Always set a separate account on wclub888 strictly for your gambling sessions and refrain from using your savings that are reserved for your other expenses. 

Learn to quit

We all know that gambling addiction has detrimental effects on anyone regardless of your status or skills. It’s a wrong idea to continue to gamble when you win, it is better to save your winnings and use only small portions of it for future bets. This decision will allow you to avoid being addicted to the game that may ruin your life if not controlled.

Don’t play when intoxicated

It is true that alcohol has negative effects on your thinking functions even in the field of gambling. This is the reason why bet365 casinos offer drinks for free, liquor can reduce your concentration and impair your brain functions if not regulated properly. 

Fewer decks are better

It is better to play fewer decks because they have a low house edge or percentage of advantages of the casino over you. Fewer decks are also beneficial if you are using card counting although it is not recommended because it may be illegal.

Don’t use the Martingale System

When you are losing more than you gain, don’t use the dangerous system called Martingale System. By doubling up your bets can give a detrimental effect on your later plays. You will end up losing more hands and money in no time. It is better to avoid this system at all costs and please start by placing smaller bets and go from there.

Don’t blame the dealer

The dealer does not influence the odds of whether you win or lose, they don’t have control over the outcome of each session. It is wrong to blame the dealer because you were frustrated with the game for not winning. 

The fact is, they may opt to give the player some advice to boost the player’s game because they hate dealing with whining customers because of the losses. Also, it is weird to tip the dealer when you lose but it is not necessary to tip the dealer every time. Do it only when you are winning and usually, it is appropriate to give the dealer the tip after your gambling session not during.

Don’t bet based on emotions or intuition

This is the number one rule not just in blackjack but also in all casino games as well. If you place your bets that are based on emotions and intuition, you will most likely end up losing every single time. 

It is important to understand that bets should be placed based on strategy and pure logic because they are most likely to help you win organically. 

These tips are tried and tested, make sure you apply them in your next gambling session in an online casino Singapore.