It takes courage to elevate and kick things up a notch when it comes to playing poker, or pretty much any casino online game in general. Poker tournaments have always been known for their massive followings, huge prize pools, and overall entertaining matchups.

WClub will talk about some of the best poker competitions you should not miss should you wish to take poker to the next level.

World Poker Tour Championships

This grand poker tournament started in 2002 and has since been known as one of the best poker tournaments on the planet. The World Poker Tour or WPT is broadcasted across different continents and regions around the world, making it one of the most recognizable gambling entertainment brands out there.

The WPT has been televised numerous times and has always earned a massive number of viewers and actual attendees during the event. Who could resist watching the world’s best poker players gathered around at the poker table with more than a million-dollar prize at stake?

It is also certainly one of the most anticipated events for many mbs casino online players as they get to witness some excellent plays which they can definitely make use of on their own games. This series has even started a lady’s division with more than half a million dollars cash prize for the winner.

Triton Super High Roller Series

Also known as the Triton Poker tournament, it’s one of the largest poker-focused tournaments that have large buy-in amounts and prize pools. Recently, they held one of the biggest and massive overall cash prizes of more than 65 million dollars!


The tournament is most known for its record-breaking prize amount given to a winner. One can only imagine how extremely expensive and luxurious this whole tournament is. Not to mention, the qualifications necessary to make it in the tournament, in the first place.

Clearly, this poker competition is not for everyone. But it doesn’t mean that Singapore online casino poker fans would never enjoy every minute of this humongous poker event.

World Championship of Online Poker

If you’ve spent plenty of time over an online casino Singapore website, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon the World Championship of Online Poker or WCOOP for short. Not only is it one of the largest poker tournaments being held over the internet, but it is also very popular amongst online poker players from around the globe.

The tournament started in 2002 and WCOOP has been offering several poker games with many different game variations, each with its own buy-ins and prize pools. This makes this tour one of the most appealing competitions amongst many casino online players who dream of participating in the poker competitive scene.

Big One for One Drop

While it is a relatively new tournament for professional poker players, it quickly became the highest buy-in poker competition in poker’s history, including the biggest single payout given to a winner. Big One for One Drop has a charitable contribution being donated to non-profit organizations.

This makes it collect millions of dollars in just a small time frame. It is definitely one of the best poker tournaments to participate in if you wish to do something good at the same time. If a winner prize pool of 10 million dollars is not enough to make you excited, we don’t know what else will.

Simply put, this poker tournament is not only for bringing the best poker entertainment to every online gambling Singapore fan out there, it is one that most certainly serves for a beneficial cause.

World Series of Poker

Easily one of the largest poker tournaments with tens and thousands of poker players from around the world. The first tournament happened in 1970 with seven of the best players at the time competing for the first prize. Since then, the competition has seen an increase in player sign-ups every year.The WSOP winner is crowned as the Poker Champion of the World, a title that pretty much every online wclub888 live casino Singapore player would die to have. What makes this tournament hugely popular internationally is that WSOP variants are also being held in other parts of the world.