Sports betting singapore is one of the progressive industries in this decade. The continuous rise of the popularity of this industry will thrive in the future as more technologies are being discovered to improve our daily lives. 

Asia has a rich and interesting history of betting, according to some research the people of Asia have been betting for more than 5000 years. This long but rich history of gambling is reflected in the current gambling market which is recently hailed as the biggest in the world

The sports betting situation in Asia is much more complex than in Europe or America. Asia is the largest continent in the world and the different countries of Asia have their regulations about this gambling activity.

Professional punters mostly spend a higher amount of bets throughout the sports season. For the new bettor who wishes to find the most profitable sport to bet on, we got you covered because we list down the most popular sports to bet on in wclub888. 



Football or soccer hailed as the most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans across the continents. It’s not surprising that football is also the most popular sport in Asia to bet on. Asian punters love the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. 

Asians also support their national teams in the FIFA World cup and also support their local leagues. The popularity and quality of a football league are different from country to country and each tournament is usually supported by the locals and the government.

It is very essential to know basic information about your team if you want to wager on football sports. Things like current standing, score history, current roster, strengths, and weaknesses can give you an edge and it will gain your confidence in  bbc football. The key is to research and also it is important to find the most reputable sportsbook that is right for your taste. 


This sport originated in the US but it made its way into Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the eastern and central region of Asia. In some of the places in Asia, baseball is much more popular than football, professional and college leagues were created as the popularity of the game increases in the eastern region. The nations of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan were hailed as the “Big Three” of football in Asia in the 70s because these countries have produced winners in the major leagues.


Surprisingly, the sport of badminton is popular in a lot of places in Asia. However, in the rest of Asia, the sport is only inferior compared to football and basketball. The sport still gained a cult following among the betting circles and is still a mainstay in online gambling Singapore.


We all know that the NBA is a worldwide phenomenon, it is considered the fastest growing sport and it may surpass football as the most popular sport in the world any time soon. The players of the NBA are not just athletes but celebrities as well, names like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving are known worldwide. 

Another basketball league that is popular in Asia, Euro Basketball is very known in some Asian countries for online sports betting.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is also known as ping pong is also popular in Asia for a variety of reasons. The sport is very low maintenance, it requires little room, the pieces of equipment are cheap and the sport requires dexterity and precision.

Horse Racing

This is another sport that is popular among sports bettors. Betting on animals has been a long-standing gambling activity since ancient times and it is much more popular in Malay Asians that comprise the Southeast Asian demographics. 
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