It’s been a year since the postponement of the Euro 2020 tournament because of the ravaging effects of the Covid-19 across Europe which was the epicenter of the pandemic. Now that the borders are reopened and the vaccination programs are already started, there is nothing more to stop the tournament from hosting the battle for supremacy in world football.

The effects of the postponement also allowed the qualifying squads to prepare and ready the players to go back to the field. We can now bet on which teams will dominate the competition in Euro 2020.

We will find out which team is the fan-favorite to win the competition in ebetslip online sports betting. We will also provide you with information on which team will most likely proceed to the quarters, semis, and finals. In this piece, we will break down for you the betting odds of each team in every round of the tournament.


Choosing the Favorite Team to Win 

There are two squads that are on top consistently as favored in Euro 2020. England and France possess +500 odds, these figures made them both the top teams compete to be champions of the tournament. Prior to the opening of the Euro 2020, France had varying odds while England finished with consistent odds but both teams sought to fight for the finals.

England has one of the formidable club leagues in the globe in the English Premier League. Almost all the players in the England national team have participated in the EPL except for Jadon Sancho.

France has one of the mysterious teams in the world, with Kylian Mbappe as one of the youngest and smartest players in the world. With France never running out of talented players, France has a high probability to win the cup.

Belgium Will Have Rough Journey 

Belgium is expected to have a difficult journey ahead at winning, their odds are saturated to +600 making it a critical wager. It is essential in these tournaments to win and Belgium possesses a 14.29% probability to do that.

Will Portugal Remain the Reigning Winner?

The initial thing that Portugal has to do is to get out of Group F which is also known as the ‘Group of Death’. Portugal’s odds skyrocket to +900, Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be one of the key players in this subset.

Odds for the Quarterfinals

The probability will reign in this Round of Sixteen which I highly suggest that you look at the schedule first before you place your bet on a bookie. Based on the Euro 2020 betting odds, Spain (-250), England (-225) Belgium (-200), France (-175), and Netherlands (-165) will all dominate each respective group to the quarter-finals. 

Odds for the Semis

When it comes to the semis, it’s best not to stick to the schedule. If you go with your gut on this one, you might get an advantage in bet365 mobile app sports betting.

Belgium will most certainly advance in this round, with a 45.22 percent chance of reaching the semi-finals, according to the data.

Which Squads to Avoid?

Avoid betting on Group F, often known as the “Group of Death,” which consists of three teams: Germany, Portugal, and France. The game that results from this group will be a slaughter, and qualification seeding is ambiguous. 

Odds for the Finals

It’s really hard to predict which teams will most likely make it to the cut in the Finals because it is anyone’s game in the semis. However, three teams are top favorites to make it to the Finals, Belgium (+275), England (+275), and France (+250). Belgium may battle France in the Finals but we never know of course.

Final Words

Before you place your wager on wclub888, review the schedule of events and select the best team to wager on. To avoid gambling problems, always bet logically and strategically, and don’t change your losses.